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Tree Service

Tree Removal
Here at Hartington Tree we are equipped to handle any tree removal. We have the knowledge and experience to take on the hardest and complicated tree down, whether your tree is just to old, dying or storm damaged we can get the job done safely.

Tree Pruning
Hartington Tree provides many different methods of tree pruning.

  • Young Tree Pruning- promotes strong branches and gives the tree a balanced structure.
  • Crown Cleaning- removal of weak, dead, or crowded branches, preventing breakage that can endanger the tree, property, and people.
  • Crown Thinning- opens up the crown, reduces weight on branches, maintains shape, reduces the risk of foliar disease, improves air movement and light through the canopy
  • Crown Raising- removal of lower branches to provide clearance
  • Crown Reduction-reduces crown size for clearance and branch weight to prevent breakage

Stump Grinding
Hartington Tree provides stump removal for all sizes of stumps. We have machines that can get in your backyard or in tight spaces. Stumps are usually ground about a foot below ground level and will be cleanup or put back in the hole for fill.

Tree Transplanting
Hartington Tree several different size of tree spades to ensure tree survival after transplanting. We are capable of transplanting trees up to a 12 inch trunk diameter or 30 feet tall. Trees can be transplanted from our nursery to your home or trees can be transplanted from one location to another on your own property.

Plant Health Care
Insect and disease control- Spraying and Injecting trees to rid your trees of unwanted diseases and insects
Tree Fertilization- trees are replenished with valuable nutrients through our deep root fertilization program

Storm Damage Cleanup
In the event that a wind or ice storm hits our area, Hartington Tree has the equipment to take care of any storm related job. Storm damaged trees can be very hazardous and should be worked on by a professional. Hartington Tree has the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely without further damage.

Tree Sales
Hartington Tree has a wide variety of trees. We have a variety of shade, evergreen, and ornamental trees in all sizes. Whether you are planting a new windbreak or planting a new tree in your landscape we have the right tree for all situations. All trees will be staked up if necessary and will be mulches for the health of the tree.

Utility Line and ROW Clearing
Hartington Tree provides line clearing and ROW clearing for utility and electrical companies. We have a staff that is certified by the Tree Care Industry and the International Society of Arboriculture to work near electrical lines.

Cabling and Bracing
Certain tree may lose their structural integrity due to pests, diseases, or the weather. Cabling and bracing helps support a weak tree, and can reduce the chance of completely removing the tree.

Landscape and Retaining Walls
Hartington tree provides a complete line of landscape and retaining wall services.



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